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Guru Vaibhav Laxmi

Nirvana trust foundation tills a non profit, logical preacher and scientific organization founded by Guru Vaibhav Laxmi.

Acknowledge the real power of meditation and create your own reality. Choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent and uplifting. I am here to guide you – to illuminate your path with the yogic science. The science of well-being, youthfulness!

Guru Vaibhav Laxmi

Founder of Nirvana Foundation


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Nirvana Trust Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by well-renowned visionary , logical preacher and astrloger Guru Vaibhav Laxmi jee. Transforming your day-to-day life into a better; more meaningful and more fulfilling existence is its main motto. It is a charitable trust working for the betterment of society by organizing various workshops and evolved methods of meditation classes simply to integrate the power of mind and body with nature.

We have successfully implemented various humanitarian projects whose only motive is to achieve the equilibrium of mind and body with nature. Go beyond the mind and experience ultimate peace.

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Awakening - My Existence Is A Miracle

We are Awakened and I know that our listeners will just be thrilled to hear whatever wisdom you have to offer us today. So, I appreciate your time.


Why You Can’t Ignore A Spiritual Awakening

While some people are always connected to their spirituality, others need to be called to it. In other words, they must experience a spiritual awakening or calling.


The Heart Has Its Own ‘Brain’ And Consciousness

A Research in the new discipline of neurocardiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated center for receiving and processing information. 

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