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Guru Vaibhav Laxmi

Nirvana trust foundation tills a non profit, logical preacher and scientific organization founded by Guru Vaibhav Laxmi.

Acknowledge the real power of meditation and create your own reality. Choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent and uplifting. I am here to guide you – to illuminate your path with the yogic science. The science of well-being, youthfulness!

Guru Vaibhav Laxmi

Founder of Nirvana Foundation


About Guru Ji

Guru Vaibhav Laxmi jee, a renowned astrologer, an introspective humanitarian, naturalist philanthropist, and a logical preacher work relentlessly to bring a change in the life of all. By understanding, supporting, tapping into the power of body, mind, and nature are three pillars of holistic feeling and manifesting your true desires.

His goal is to harmonize the state of being with the help of scientific astrology. His in-depth research about planetary forces & their effects on our lives will transform the world into a better place. He has studied astrology (a branch of science) for long and found planets possess some intrinsic properties and when mixed with the color of sign and house they occupy, they change their color, leading to different behavior. There is a direct connection between the planets and our astral (energy) body, which is the matrix of our physical body. Once the planet's behavior is ascertained because of its placement, the results are changed with time. He deeply understands the basic nature of planets and found they have the correlation with our life. After a detailed analysis, he cites the unquestionable fact that during full moon its gravitational force is too strong that it attracts the oceanic water with such an intensity that causes high tides. Ocean water simply a combination of salt and water and a human body too constitutes 79% of water along with salt which proves that moon effects life behavior.

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